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A social tool without a use.

Brad is dating Darryl Hannah! That's just sick...she's 45! What the hell is wrong with him? Mommy issues? Seriously. I'm a fan still but how much more fucked up is he going to get?

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ahhh wtf? werent they co-stars in the job, though? i forget if that was her but i think it was. so its not TOO shocking... but still kind of wrong.


March 6 2006, 02:49:45 UTC 11 years ago

omg she was in splash....
brad has lowered his standards
and wtf is up with 'a 45 year old should know better mummy' getting it on with a drug addict?, i love brad but she should know better!
i smell a publicity stunt...
anyways i hope it brings him into the mainstream