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I know. I couldn't believe it. I also couldn't believe that he was only 25. I thought that he was older then that...
This is incredible... It's awful. :( R.I.P.!
*wipes tears* Man, I just read it on Yahoo news. I've followed his career since The Client, and I wanted to meet him one day--honestly, that would've been nice. I don't to believe it but I have to--I dreaded this so much for him. He could've been so much more, if only . . .
If only, is right. I always knew that he was going places but then...he just got in with the wrong celebrity crowd and drugs's terrible.
Via con Dios, Brad. :(
It's a surprise but isn't. My heart honestly hurts. Poor Joann.
I know what you mean. I was in shock, but I wasn't surprised if that makes sense. He had just been falling more and more into crime/drugs/booze and...we all knew that it would happen, but I thought that he would live more and...

Not 25.
So sad...
And, no. I didn't think he was just 25. But I don't know how old he really was... I can't believe it. Its so sad.
I was shocked, I couldn't believe it when I read it. He's gone. No chance of meeting him, no chance of anymore amazing movies.
I missed his movies. I thought that I saw that he just finished filming a movie. *shakes head*
I haven't seen all of his movies, but I will. And I believe he did just finish a movie and he was currently attached to two other films.


9 years ago

I couldnt stop crying and I woke up this morning and was crying. I think because I had the chance to meet him.. it hurt a little more than I expected. Blehh.

I went to bed all weirded out. It felt so weird and wrong to know that he died.

And you've been lucky to meet him.
I honestly cant tell you how lucky I feel that I met him. He was soo nice every time I hung out with him.. knowing I was a crazy fan, lol. I dont want to sound like Im bragging, but.. I realize how lucky I am to have some random memories of him.

I still cant believe it.
You don't sound like you're bragging to me. It must be great you have those memories, I wish I was that lucky.
Sounds like he was a great guy, makes his death even worse to me.

whe have to remember him as a young Beautiful Happy boy:D..

We always ♥ You
*nods* That is exactly right.
thank you its all the point not the way he died but lived..:D
I love his movies and always be:D
i think i've expressed my sadness just about everywhere except for here.

words can't even begin to express how sad i am. i'm still shocked about the news. seeing all the news articles and reports it all seems so surreal. i keep hoping that someone will just come on the tv and say, nope, we were wrong he's not really gone.

i know thats not the case though.

i had literally been in love with him since i was 11 years old and i saw him in The Client. i'm 25 now, so that's about 14 years of love. anybody that knows me associates me with Brad. i had people contacting me that i haven't heard from in years to check on me to make sure i was ok. lol. some may say that its a bit sad to be attached to an actor like that, but he honestly was my first love. we referred to him at my house as my future husband. i don't think there was a day that went by that we wouldn't talk about him at least once. being near Knoxville, i had always hoped to meet him there sometime, but once he moved to Cali, that dream became even harder; now it can't happen at all.

he was such an amazing and charismatic guy. a brilliant and gifted actor. a wonderful musician. it's a tragic and terrible loss. but he will forever be remembered. perhaps not by everyone, but to those that he really made an impact on, he'll always be in our hearts.

i'm glad that everyone that has posted in here has been nice about things. i have been on so many different sites where there have been people literally saying they were happy that he was dead, and that it serves him right for doing drugs and whatnot. the cause of death hasn't even been confirmed yet! so these people should really stop and re-evaluate what they are saying and have some respect.

there is supposed to be a candlelight vigil being held in L.A at Crane's Tavern on Jan. 19th at 5:00pm ... it was where Brad and his band Frodad played their last show. if you're in the L.A area please go and show your support, and if you aren't in the L.A area like me, then be at the vigil in spirit.

my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.
Thank you for your kind words.

What surprised me the most about hearing this news was that people didn't seem to care. I am talking about the people who actually give these reports. The first news article that I saw was about Matthew McConaughey having a baby and about Brittney Spears. Brad was like...3rd for being news at best. That made me mad in a way. Don't they know that he was a very good actor that just wasn't given his chance to really shine because he fell in that trap that most child actors go through? All they would talk about was his run in's with the law and how he was bad with the drugs. They made it look like he deserved to die because of what happened. When Anna Nichole died, they reported on that forever. It seemed as if his death was a footnote to them and they didn't care. That made me very sad to see.

I am glad that there will be a vigil for him in L.A. I wish that I could be there. Instead, I will have to spread my love for him. The sad thing was that I was looking through my photobucket of him just before my friend called me to tell me the news. *sighs*

Anyway, thank you for your kind words! *hugs*

I know. I loved Anna Nicole, but in the end the reports became tiring, and all they tell us about Brad is that he died, was found in his home, they only know so far that he had alcohol, he has a history of drug abuse. And that's all. Not that he starred in 'The Client' or any other film. Nope.
As I was reading that, I realized how much it resembled my myspace blog on this.

I wish I lived in LA. Between that and the tribute show.. I wish I could be there to .. just show some amount of support.