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My heart aches...

Hi everyone. I am new to this community but I have been a long time fan of Brad’s - probably since Tom and Huck as I had such a huge crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas back in those days. My name is Donelle and I am from Australia. I can’t get over the fact that Brad Renfro is gone. What makes it even harder is the fact the two of my favourite actors were gone in the one week. Would you like to know how I found out about Brad? The same day as the news broke about Heath Ledgers sudden death. I was looking up “Stars Gone Before Their Time” photo gallery on and my jaw dropped open to see Brad’s picture amongst them. How could that be possible I thought to myself? Surely I would have heard about it by now if it were true. I couldn’t even remember reading about it on and I check that website daily when I am at work. When I got home I went searching and sadly found it was true. He was only 25. We all knew of his problems but it still came as a shock. I was at a loss of words. Heath was a Perth boy as to I am a Perth girl so it has hit our state hard. I have loved both of these actors since their beginning’s and it is hard that we won’t be seeing them flashing their smiles again. It is heartbreaking. At least we can hit play, rewind and pause on their magnificent careers.

I am not sure if this is the right place but I do not know where else to ask. I have had no response from my flist and I am desperate. I would absolutely love a Brad tribute layout, and I say a layout because I am not very good and coding so I would need extra help in putting it all together. I would love you very much if you could put your hand up. I have the pictures and what I would like to say, so you don’t have to worry about them. I would love to hear from you, I would like to liven my journal up a bit and think a fitting tribute to Brad will go nicely.

Thank you for taking time out and reading my post.

R.I.P Brad and Heath…we’ll never forget you


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